Design for Print and Web Applications

Need a poster made for an event? Have a monthly newsletter that you want available on your company website? M. R. Concepts will design and layout your media project for print and/or web production.

Graphic design services include …

Design consultationM. R. Concepts Design Examples

Graphic design of media project

Editorial services if requested

Image creation and manipulation

Project preparation for web or print

Liaison with print shop

Please contact us for more information and pricing.


Posters, Brochures and Pamphlets
M. R. Concepts will work with you to design effective promotional materials for your business, group or club.


Calendars, Invitations, Postcards and Business Cards
Calendars, cards and postcards are excellent for showcasing family photographs, original artwork or business products in an attractive way. They can be kept as keepsakes or used a promotional materials.


Books and Booklets
M. R. Concepts can layout and build any size book for your needs - from small booklets to multi-page promotional books to information guides and newsletters.


Displays and Signs
Large or small, your tradeshow booth display needs to be eye-catching, to-the-point, and need to convey your message to the audience within a few seconds. M. R. Concepts can help make that happen.


M. R. Concepts can help you create your image, for business or personal use. M. R. Concepts designs are concise, consistent and creative so that you get a finished and professional look for all your promotional materials.


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